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The Long Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome you to Long Prairie. Nestled in the valley of the Long Prairie River and located at the crossroads of Hwy 71 and Hwy 27, our city is a postcard-perfect place brimming with both historical charm and modern appeal. It is a growing community with employment and economic development opportunities and a hub for business, agriculture, manufacturing, and strong non-profit organizations.
We would like to encourage you to visit our community and get to know what we have to offer:  diversity in restaurants, boutiques, retail businesses, coffee shops, historical attractions, a river, a lake, parks, a drive-in theater, golf course, a summer Concert in the Park series, a chamber orchestra, festivals, fairs, and other fun events.
Make Long Prairie your home! Long Prairie is a vibrant and growing community committed to inclusion and economic growth. Close-knit and welcoming to newcomers, Long Prairie is an attractive place for families and business to grow.

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