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About Us


The mission of the Long Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote Chamber members while enhancing the livability and connectedness of the community.

Core Values

  • Promoting and connecting Chamber Members
  • Information and Resource Hub
  • Community enhancement

Chamber Bylaws

What We Do

Our primary goal is to protect the interest of the business community as a whole, while promoting the livability of the Long Prairie Area. Instead of us asking, “What do you want your chamber to do?” we prefer to know, “What kind of a community do we want to be?” By learning from one another, we can connect our community members to our businesses, and ensure our economic viability for years to come.

Contact We can be reached by phone at 320.732.2514, or email at

Chamber Hours: Monday- Friday 9:00am - 3pm

For information on tours, please visit the Tourism & Visitor's Bureau page at
 • Long Prairie Chamber of Commerce • 42 North 3rd Street • Long Prairie, MN 56347 • 320 732 2514 •